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We meet on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 PM, at the First Baptist Church of Westbrook, 733 Main Street. Please join us!

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Making our community safer to navigate... one step and wheel at a time!

Recent Blog Articles

by Dennis Marrotte, October 2023
We are approaching November and December - wouldn't it be an accomplishment to close out 2023 with no pedestrian fatalities in Westbrook?
by Kim Tarbox, October 2023
Halloween will soon be upon us which means that it is time to discuss safety when bringing the Boils and Ghouls out trick or treating.
by John Brooking, October 2023
On a warm sunny day in late July, WSMAC conducted a “walk audit” along Cumberland Street, between Main Street and Bridge Street.
by Dennis Marrotte, January 2023
Now that winter has truly arrived here in southern Maine, a few thoughts.
by Kim Tarbox, January 2023
Most of us don’t give a second thought about sidewalk safety, but we should. It isn’t just a safety issue. It is also a legal one.
by John Brooking, November 2022
No matter your mode of transportation, extra care taken during low sun conditions will help ensure that you and those around you will arrive at your destinations safely.

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