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by Dennis Marrotte, January 2023
Now that winter has truly arrived here in southern Maine, a few thoughts.
by Kim Tarbox, January 2023
Most of us don’t give a second thought about sidewalk safety, but we should. It isn’t just a safety issue. It is also a legal one.
by John Brooking, November 2022
No matter your mode of transportation, extra care taken during low sun conditions will help ensure that you and those around you will arrive at your destinations safely.
by Kim Tarbox, September 2022
As the seasons change so must our traveling habits. We need to pay closer attention to our surroundings.
by Dennis Marrotte, September 2022
Enjoy this magical time of the year while being careful outside in falling temperatures.
by John Brooking, September 2022
Bicyclists are not ever legally compelled to put themselves in danger, including by riding too close to parked cars.
by Kim Tarbox, September 2022
Find these words in the wordsearch.
by Dennis Marrotte, June 2022
Before you open the door, make sure there are no vehicles approaching your driver's side.
by Kim Tarbox, May 2022
With warmer weather comes an increase in construction activity. This can pose a danger to pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. To minimize this risk there are things that you can do.
by Dennis Marrotte, May 2022
With spring weather comes road and highway repair.
by John Brooking, May 2022
Gas prices got you down? Eyeing that unused bike, wondering if you could use it to get to work, or school, or the grocery store?
by Walnut, May 2022
Walnut was excited. The weather was now warm enough for him to take his bike out.
by Kim Tarbox, March 2022
Often, as we are traveling we don't think about what will make us courteous and safe travelers.
by Dennis Marrotte, March 2022
Pedestrian safety practices cover a variety of environments and conditions
by John Brooking, March 2022
Can you still cycle in the winter? Yes! Here are the most important ways to prepare.
by Walnut, March 2022
Walnut is so excited. He just had a wonderful day at school learning how to be a good walker.