WSMAC's mission is to "advocate and educate" to make Westbrook's roads safer for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike.

Core Committee

The WSMAC Core Committee is made up of the 5 officers specified in our bylaws and elected every two years in January. Our Core Committee as of January 2024 is:

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WSMAC began with a Facebook post in the fall of 2016 concerning the safety of the crosswalk at Main and Stroudwater Streets in Westbrook. Neighborhood resident Leelee Prince expressed frustration with repeated close calls with cars while attempting to cross the street in her wheelchair. Several other residents responded and starting talking about forming a group to try to do something to make streets safer for all users. We began meeting regularly in 2017, at the same that the Maine DOT chose Westbrook as the first community in which to hold a series of public workshops on pedestrian safety. Since then, we have become a presence at Westbrook Together Days, the Westbrook Kids Safety Fair, and other events promoting our message of advocating and educating to make Westbrook's roads safer.