Report a Street Issue

The City of Westbrook Public Services provides a form that you can use to report a street infrastructure issue and track its progress. The form requires you to open an account, as instructed below. You may also report an issue by directly contacting the appropriate staff person by email or phone. There is a staff directory here, or just call the general Public Services number, 854-0660.


Creating an Account

When you go to the reporting page, look for the link on the right, above the category list, that says "Login to check existing requests". Once at the login screen, you have options to log in to an existing account with your email address, create a new account with your email address, or log in through Facebook or Yahoo. Creating an account is similar to other websites in that you enter an email address and desired password, and are sent an email asking you to validate your request. Once you have done that, your account is ready, and you should be returned to the Westbrook Public Services reporting page.

Reporting an Issue

Once you have created an account and are logged into it, clicking any of the 8 categories on the reporting page will bring you to a form to enter the details: a brief description, the problem location (nearest street address), and your information. You can even optionally upload a photograph.

Tracking Your Issues

Use the "View Existing Requests" link to see your list of open and closed issues. At that screen, use the "Submit a new request" link to return to the screen with the categories to enter a new issue.

Account Settings

Use this link to set your address and phone number information. Whenever you report an issue, this information will be filled in automatically so you don't have to type it in again.

Go to the reporting page now!