The Beauty of Shopping Small in Westbrook this Holiday Season

The Beauty of Shopping Small in Westbrook this Holiday Season

Small Business Saturday happens on November 27th, 2021, but this year, we want to embody the importance of shopping small all year long. Keep reading to learn why shopping small has an impact on your community!

Why Shop Small?

As the season of gift-giving begins, you may be frustrated over shipping delays. If you’re looking for convenience, shopping small is a great place to start. But with a message you hear so often, you may forget what it actually means. Here are a few reminders of why it’s such a good idea.

Small businesses give more back to their community

Many studies show that local businesses reinvest more in the local economy than chain stores. They pay taxes to the city and county the business is in, they sponsor little league teams, local causes, efforts, and local charities.

There’s a very good chance you may know a small business owner, work with one, or you may be one yourself!

Small businesses create more local job opportunities

Did you know that small businesses employ 60.6 million people? That makes up 47.1 percent of the U.S. private workforce, on a percentage basis!

Business owners tend to hire people that represent their demographic. The more you shop at local businesses, the more local job opportunities you create! Since you know you have to buy gifts this holiday season, why not support those in your community instead of another big box store or corporation?

Small businesses offer greater access to product diversity

Nothing can be more delightful than exploring a local business and finding an unexpected or special gift. Where a chain store may stock items based on national interest, an independent small business will offer items with a local appeal or flavor.

This can include things from beloved artisans and producers, the beautiful, the yummy, and the unusual. No matter what they may be, they are sure to be a treasured purchase.

Small businesses offer better customer service

Owners and employees of small businesses have a vested interest in maintaining their customer base. Not only do they work very hard to earn their customer’s business and loyalty, but they know their customers!

They may be their neighbors, their kid’s coach, or they may sit next to them at church on Sunday mornings. Their customers are their friends and unlike large chain stores, independent business owners live in communities with their customers.

Small businesses support other small businesses and more

Small businesses will often work with and support other small businesses. They also choose to use local producers and artisans by hiring them for their B to B needs or collaboration projects.

This kind of behavior strengthens community networks and can help bolster future growth. Recent studies show that neighborhoods served by successful small businesses see real estate values rise significantly.

You will feel good

Get to know your local businesses, there may be more of them than you think! Take an afternoon and wander down Main Street and check out those little shops you’ve been meaning to stop.

Check out Brook City Nutrition when you need a quick afternoon pick me up or stop in for a pastry at the Bakers Bench. When you visit, say hello to the folks behind the counter and ask about their products. You’ll be surprised at how much they know and how willing they are to chat with you.

Small Business Saturday happens on November 27th this year. But let’s make Small Business day, EVERY DAY!

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