The Ice Disk is Back in Westbrook!

2022 may be off to a frigid start, but it’s also the perfect temperature for everyone’s favorite Westbrook attraction to return: the Ice Disk! Our iconic cold weather disk was last seen in January 2019 with a brief appearance in 2020.

Keep reading to find out more about it and how your business can capitalize on this incredible phenomenon!

What’s the Big Deal, Anyway?

The Ice Disk is an iconic feature of our beloved Presumpscot River, right in the heart of downtown Westbrook. The last time it appeared, you may remember the vast amount of media attention this disk got from all over the world.

This Ice Disk will undoubtedly bring visitors into Westbrook this week hoping to catch a glimpse of the unique phenomenon. We encourage you to consider offering Ice Disk Themed specials at your business. If you do, please let us know and we can help you to promote them!

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of the Ice Disk

If you’re not sure how to get more customers in the door with temperatures hovering around zero, here are a few ideas! Run a food or beverage special that makes the Ice Disk the feature.

Use Social Media

Make this something extremely memorable that people will want to share on social media and consider using a unique hashtag that specifically mentions both your business name and the Ice Disk to build brand awareness. Another way to take advantage of this incredible opportunity is to run a deal that’s focused on the Ice Disk.

Run an Ice Disk Promotion to Freeze Prices

You can run a special Ice Disk promotion that freezes prices so that they are 20% off or a certain amount depending on how cold it is. This way, you’re playing into both the trend and building urgency to get more customers in the door.

Produce Limited Edition Ice Disk Clothing

Want to make a statement? You can even think about producing Ice Disk themed clothing. Think about how popular Ice Disk hats, sweatshirts, and long-sleeved shirts would be during these cold winter months.

As a limited run, they’ll become something that people want to commemorate the fact that Westbrook has something so unique to offer the world. How many towns can say they have an Ice Disk?

If you decide to run a special Ice Disk promotion, please let us know! Downtown Westbrook is only as strong as our local businesses!

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